Lucid Lovers | A 'Musical Audio-Book'

Potent Whisper announces his forthcoming project Lucid Lovers: a metaphysical romance exploring the art of lucid dreaming and the politics of freedom of movement.

Release Date: 25th August 2020

Will be available to stream and download for free at

Lucid Lovers is written and narrated by London based Spoken Word artist Potent Whisper.

The project is presented in a unique ‘Musical Audio-Book’ format. This is an audio-book which is narrated in rhyme, featuring a full cast and original soundtrack by 3ss3nce and Antonio Lewis (ToneO).

Also featured within the audio-book is a full length ‘Rhyming Guide to Lucid Dreaming’ which serves as a comprehensive introduction to lucid dreaming and teaches the listener how to do it.

(Lucid dreaming is when you wake up inside a dream and realise that you’re dreaming!).


“Samer and Ahlam fall deeply in love before becoming separated by state violence and borders. Now in different countries and desperate to be reunited, they discover something called “lucid dreaming” – the practice of becoming self conscious inside of your dreams. Every night they see each other in the dream world but wake up every day beyond each other’s reach. Lucid Lovers is the story of love’s journey through borders and this couple’s cunning plan to use dreams to once again be reunited in the waking world”
“An epic masterpiece”
– The New Arab
“Absolutely incredible”
– Red Pepper Magazine

“Undeniably a master poet”

“A masterpiece”
– Shareefa Energy

Potent Whisper is a Spoken Word artist, author and educator who is reputed for using rhyme to translate and respond to key socio-political issues.

His debut collection ‘The Rhyming Guide  to Grenfell Britain’ (2018) received mainstream coverage and was twice referenced in Parliament.

Lucid Lovers stars the voices of Mustafa Khogali (Samer), Hind Swareldahab (Ahlam) and Peter Hardingham (Immigration Officer).

Both Mustafa and Hind were involved in some capacity with the uprising in Sudan and have lived experiences of navigating the UK’s asylum system.

As part of the project, funded by the Arts Council, Potent Whisper will be delivering ‘Poetry, Lucid Dreaming and Freedom of Movement’ workshops for people who are not able to move as freely as they wish in society. The workshops will be delivered online, in partnership with various groups including YMCA and Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC).

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