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Lucid Lovers is a Musical Audio-Book that explores the art of lucid dreaming and the politics of freedom of movement. 

What is a musical audio-book?

This is a 67 minute audio-book which is narrated in rhyme, featuring a full cast and original soundtrack.

Featured within the audio-book is a full length ‘Rhyming Guide to Lucid Dreaming’.

This is your comprehensive introduction to lucid dreaming and will teach you how to do it!

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is when you become self conscious inside a dream and realise that you are dreaming.

Once you “wake up” inside of the dream, you can have the ability to direct or control different elements of it.

“Samer and Ahlam fall deeply in love before becoming separated by state violence and borders. Now in different countries and desperate to be reunited, they discover something called “lucid dreaming” – the practice of becoming self conscious inside of your dreams. Every night they see each other in the dream world but wake up every day beyond each other’s reach. Lucid Lovers is the story of love’s journey through borders and this couple’s cunning plan to use dreams to once again be reunited in the waking world”